Earth Plain is probably the harshest or the most aggressive track on the album.  Like the other tracks with lyrics, the beat and bassline came way before the lyrics or the notion of what the track was actually about emerged and in this case it is very simple, as simple as the lyrics:

You are free

To Stay.

Or follow me...

This is a song of hope and panic and it relates to what I wrote about in the My Love post - the love connections that start out (or continue from a starting point on earth) on the ethereal plain and while they are so strong in that space, sometimes you lose patience waiting for them to come through to the earth plain. It is the realisation that your dreams where a certain love interest is concerned, might not be realised.

Paolo Coelho wrote about the Arab concept of "Zahir" in his book "The Zahir" - there is no word like this in English but it represents that very real attachment to and sense of someone's presence who isn't necessarily in your physical reality in a defined relationship but certainly doesn't have to be near to feel near.  Well, this track is about that feeling and the process of hoping and waiting and panic and exasperation that comes with the acknowledgement that the beloved in question has the freedom of choice on the earth plain, there are other forces at work and you cannot control what they do or whether they will come forth despite the strong connection and signals through the intimate channel between you.

This song is both a wishful calling but also a resolution to let go.  It is the layered combination of romantic dreams floating above the hard ground of the earth plain, where things are more black and white - either happening or not happening in plain terms and when they are not happening and you are holding your breath on the edges of wonder and faith, there are often some harsh realities to face in the here and now.