To The Sun started out as part of Hear the Call but I'm glad I recognised early on that they should be two different tracks because it allowed me really take this one off in a very different direction.  The initial chords are quite old-school - most likely stemming from sub-conscious echoes of late 80s and early 90s electronica that I would have been exposed to as a child - but I took them up few octaves, to a higher level, one might say... The beat is actually the same one I lay down for Hear the Call and forms the foundation of the track on which synths, chimes and dark bass notes build up above it. 

To The Sun came together at the height of the summer, rising from the depths of somewhere very far away that I reached through meditation.  At this point, I was meditating a lot and getting very strong visions and the symbol of a simplified Native American Eagle flying upwards came to me often. I have always had a strong affinity with Native American culture and am not sure whether that is to do with growing up in Canada, where an appreciation of it was instilled by my parents and at school or else it is to do with a past life.  Probably both. I looked up the meaning of the Native American Eagle symbol to find that the creature is understood to stand for the connection between earth and the higher realm. This of course resonated as I understood from the outset that the music was coming from a higher source, not me.  I was just channeling it.  And so, it was at this time, that the artist name Channel 11 came through, along with the simplified emblem of the Native American Eagle to represent what I was doing.  

As the sun is so widely regarded as the most powerful form of source energy, it made sense to call this track, which really took me flying as I created it, To The Sun in its honour.  It is the 2nd track on the EP Sun + Moon but has been remastered for Disco Tree.  The original version may be listened to on Spotify here.