Hear the Call, like Disco Tree. My Love and To the Sun, began to take shape on the same day that the music began to come through.  In fact, it was the 2nd track I started and at the time, the intro of To The Sun became part of the same track... but later I realised it would be better to separate them and keep the disco vibe consistent on Hear the Call and take To The Sun off in a very different direction.  It was the first dance track I made and there is the sense that I couldn't quite keep up with it...  That's because I couldn't - I was really chasing the tune on this one but at the same time I was just playing around - exploring the different sounds.   I wasn't too precious about it and the result is definitely off-kilter but fun.  It is the retro dance anthem of the album - a disco siren calling everyone to the Disco Tree.