To be honest, I don't remember exactly how and when "Rise" came about - It is basically an aural collage that ends up in a very different place from where it starts and while perhaps a bit disjointed and unstructured, it is very reflective of the layered process how I create each track. There is no plan, just intuition and trust.  Here, I started with an old-school hip hop beat and then brought in the synth, the melody and then merged it with a loop from "Waves" (the opening track on the EP Sun + Moon) before the lyrics came through...

I'm getting stronger...

And the days are getting longer

Night turns to day

And light shows the way

Night turn x 7

Rise x 11

As the lyrics suggest, this track is about an awakening. It is an uplifting ode to realising your inner power, answering your calling and rising to seize your purpose, your being.... And like such a journey, I don't think it is a particularly easy song to listen to or follow - it is unpredictable, changing direction and becomes quite piercing before it softens towards the end but I suppose that is the point. When you trust your inner calling, it will most likely lead you through some strange and difficult places before you reach the light... I asked Yolanda to sing on "Rise" as she is my best friend and spiritual guide who sent me the meditation which opened the door to the musical journey in the first place so it made sense that she should sing on it.  That, and of course the fact that she has an amazing voice and can really hit those high notes! : )

"Rise" was first released on the summer solstice in 2016 but I had it remastered for "Disco Tree" to keep the sound in balance with the rest of the tracks.  The original version may be listened to on Spotify here.