Skylarking was created very much in two separate halves... It emerged within the first month of developing the music back in 2015 and turning up the resonance on the synth, I thought it sounded a bit spacey but also like high-pitched birds playing and darting around the tree-tops... The name "Skylarking" came to me and of course that made sense as the skylark is one of the most songful birds (its birdsong is delivered from the sky within a narrow frequency range, not unlike the sound of a high-pitched high resonance synth) and also "skylarking" as a verb means to frolic about in fun and mischief. Around the same time I lay down the initial notes, myself and my cousin (and we often attract mischief and adventures when we're together - not on purpose but must be something in our collective vibe) quite randomly ended up at an all-night house party with a very nice American surfer/organic farmer in Notting Hill after the initial plan of meeting for a coffee that afternoon spiralled into the sky. 

There was a dj at the party playing minimal techno and there was a lot of dancing in the kitchen, running in and out of the garden, dreamy conversations with interesting strangers and there were some people that were very high... more in the sky than in the house... As we left the party with the American in search of breakfast in the morning, I took out my ghetto blaster (iPad) and played what existed of the track so far and we danced down the street and had so much fun and it will always remind me of this spring morning, a gateway to the adventures and magic of summer that lay ahead. I definitely wanted this track to keep its light, fun vibe and emit the sense of larking about in the sky but I knew it needed something more...

The bass and the high resonance synth stems stood alone for 18 months before I returned to it and added the beat and synth harmony to bring it somewhere else... I think the synth has given it quite an 80s vibe and although it's quite a random track, it makes me happy and happy where it ended up.