I thought it might be a meaningful way to count down the 11 days towards the release of Disco Tree on the 11th of the 11th by writing a piece on how each track came about, starting with the first.  My Love, as mentioned in my previous post, was the first track that I composed on Good Friday back in 2015.  As it was the 1st one, it is a timid track - I was feeling around in the dark to recreate what I heard in the air and while the melody of the singing was there, it took a few weeks before the actual lyrics came through:

My soul hangs from a tree of dreams

And catches the light when you gaze at me.

Through the channels that be.

Soon you'll see.

It is a love song but not about anyone in particular.  Well, whether I am in a relationship or not, there is always someone in particular and there was someone at the time who this song relates to but in fact it mostly relates to my overall experience of love, as most of my relationships have started out on the ethereal plain.  I find it hard to connect or be attracted to someone unless there is some sort of soul connection and when that strikes quite suddenly or I finally meet the guy I've sensed before actually meeting him, it's overwhelming and I run away or I hide from him in real life, preferring to connect with his presence in the dream space before I allow him filter through onto the earth plain. 

Sometimes the dreams don't come true because the practical situation doesn't allow it (there is another girl I didn't know about or he lives in another country or I live in another country) or I meet someone else who sets off another series of dreams and sometimes the dreams do come true but all I know is that I find it hard to fall in love or grow an attachment if not given the space and time to dream and build up a connection through a channel between us in the spiritual realm.  Sometimes the man in question is aware of this connection and sometimes he is not but when I sense his energy reaching out consciously or sub-consciously, my heart lights up and if this happens often enough, my heart opens up to allow him fully in and if and when we are both ready and circumstances allow, the relationship rises to the surface and becomes a physical reality, not just a soul connection or memory.  The process can take time but for me, it is as beautiful and magical a thing as meeting him or realising something special for the first time or establishing and experiencing the relationship on official earthly terms. It is not the most logical or practical way to start a relationship but that is how my love grows and I know no other way.